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The Internet’s fastest growing career portal, Job.com is pleased to introduce a faster and easier way to search and apply to the hottest Charlotte area jobs! CharlotteAreaJobs.com brings value and functionality to the world of online job boards by offering you 1000s of jobs available exclusively in Charlotte and surrounding areas all day – all the time.

Powered by Job.com, CharlotteAreaJobs.com has been designed to help speed up your job search by filtering out all irrelevant job listings from across the country and providing you with listings only located right here, in your area. In addition to the 1000s of jobs available to search and apply to, CharlotteAreaJobs.com also provides tools and tips such as professional resume writing and helpful career advice, required to get ahead in today’s job market.

The team behind CharlotteAreaJobs.com is dedicated to connecting people with great jobs along with the most time and cost-effective, career-advancing resources. It is our mission to develop and maintain a website where people can search and apply to the Charlotte area's best available jobs!